Mark, Louis & Jody Greidanus

Jumbo Valley

We started in the sheep business in November 2008 with 20 commercial ewes which Warren found for us. After being in them for a couple years we decided to buy our first purebred Suffolk ewe lambs and slowly built our numbers to 40 purebred ewes. Then in the spring of 2018 the opportunity to purchase a block of Warren and Norine’s flock presented itself. We ended up buying them and joined the sale in the Spring of 2019.


We also have cows and run bees on the family farm so our sheep have to work for themselves. They are grazed as much as possible in the summer and are fed a variety of feeds from hay to a total TMR silage based ration. They have to have the ability to work as we run them alongside our purebred dorset and commercial flock so they are not babied. Their mothers are run on a strict culling program with problems not tolerated. The rams are run on pasture as late as possible in the fall and not fed a high energy diet until 7-8 weeks before sale day.