Warren & Norine Moore

Second Chance Livestock Company

Warren and Norine have a combined total of 73 years of experience in the sheep industry. When two flocks became one in 1994, we each had our own separate flocks of registered Suffolks, Hampshires and North Country Cheviots, and Warren had a flock of Rambouillets. Other breeds have come and gone over the years, but we have found these breeds work best for us under our management and conditions here at the farm. We run a ewe flock of 300 registered ewes of these breeds.


Norine also runs a flock of coloured Romney X ewes and a herd of NubianxBoer goats. You will also see a herd of purebred black angus somewhere on our property, but our sheep and goats are the ones that provide us with the living that enables us to be farmers, and we are proud of that.
Our success can be attributed to providing our customers with what they want – an almost developed mature ram that hasn’t been overfed. After weaning at around five months the rams are fed a low protein diet until about seven weeks before the sale. Exercise is a must here for survival. Our dry sandy soil makes an animal cover a lot of ground in a day.


There are over 150 rams in one pen being developed into yearling rams, and competition is tough. Only the top 50% will make it to the sale, the rest will be used in our meat business. We don’t sell any ram lambs for breeding, so when you purchase a yearling ram from us you are not picking from the ones that didn’t sell as lambs.
We share a number of Suffolk stud rams with our friends Bert and Andrelei Grisnich. Our partnership purchases top Suffolk rams at national sales and privately. We also share the same AI semen in an effort to bring new genetics to producers.
Even though we don’t sell rams from the ranch, we do sell ewe lambs and sometimes yearlings, both registered and commercial quality. We invite you to inquire about what we may have on offer at the farm halfway between Stavely and Carmangay.

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