Warren & Norine Moore

Warren and Norine have a combined total of 85 years of experience in the sheep industry.  When two flocks became one in 1994, we each had our own separate flocks of registered Suffolks, Hampshires and North Country Cheviots, and Warren had a flock of Rambouillets.  In 2013 the Legault family of Paradise Hill Farm at Nanton purchased our Hampshire ewe flock and continue to be part of the ram sale today.  In 2017 we downsized our North Country Cheviot flock, with most of our ewes going to Jordan Bell of Stayner Ontario.  In the summer of 2018 we also downsized the Suffolks when Mark and Louis Greidanus of Granum, Alberta purchased 100 of our registered ewes.  They became sale partners in 2019.  In the fall of 2018 our entire Rambouillet flock went to Rocky Roots Farm – the Grisnich family of Fort Macleod Alberta – who have been sale partners since 2011.   We continue to run a breeding flock of 50 registered Suffolk and North Country Cheviot ewes.

May 2017 026

Our purebred production complements our lamb buying business where we buy approximately 12,000 lambs annually – mainly in Alberta and from Pound Maker ram buying customers.  These lambs are marketed locally to fourteen meat stores in Calgary.


Our success can be attributed to providing our customers with what they want – an almost developed mature ram that hasn’t been overfed.  After weaning at around five months the rams are fed a low protein diet until about seven weeks before the sale when a higher protein diet is introduced to them to finish their development.  Exercise is a must here for survival.  Our dry sandy soil makes an animal cover a lot of ground in a day. 


Only our top rams will make it into the sale line up;  the rest will be sold locally to meat stores in Calgary.  We don’t sell any ram lambs for breeding, so when you purchase a yearling ram from us you are getting the best, not the ones that didn’t sell as ram lambs for breeding.  We, like our sale partners, only buy top rams at national sales and privately.  Even though we don’t sell rams from the ranch, we do sell yearling females, both registered and commercial quality.  We invite you to inquire about what we may have on offer at our ranch half way between Stavely and Carmangay.

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