Bert & Andrelei Grisnich

Sheep have been a big part of our lives for many years. Andrelei was born and raised on a commercial sheep farm a few miles south of Fort Macleod, and at the age of 15 years Bert found himself a job on the farm, as well. We married in the year 2002 and moved a home onto the farm. We soon found that sheep were our great interest, and with a little push from Andrelei’s dad we bought a flock of purebred Suffolks in 2009 and joined into the Pound Maker Ram sale in 2010. In 2012 we bought the farm from Andrelei’s parents along with the commercial flock that Bert had been managing there.

May 2017 027

We have been using Suffolk rams for years in the commercial flock, producing a good quality, well -structured lamb for the direct marketing business that Andrelei’s parents run. From experience, we know what the consumers want, and we feel that the purebred Suffolks do just that.
Recently we also purchased a few Charollais ewes that we hope will add quality to the sale. Charollais’ will also bring that good muscled, well-structured carcass to the market.


Because our flock of 120 Suffolk ewes is run alongside our commercial flock of 600 we do not have the time to baby our rams. They are fed a variety of feeds from grass hays to barley silage to pasture, making them accustomed to different feeds. Our rams are hardy and ready to stand up for themselves. Out of the handpicked 60 Suffolk ram lambs we raise; we again handpick the top 40 that will be consigned at the Pound Maker Ram sale.
Together with our 4 children, Brayden, Cole, Dustin, and Brooke, we enjoy life on the sheep farm and we work hard to bring you good quality yearling rams.

July2018-familypictures 136


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