Legault Family

thumbnail_IMG_5004Tony and Karen Legault and their children Shayne, Chantelle, Luke and Cody operate Paradise Hill Farm. We established the farm just east of Nanton in 2000 and raise Hampshire sheep in addition to running a commercial tomato and basil greenhouse.

In 2013, we seized an opportunity to purchase Warren and Norine Moore’s established Hampshire flock. We have a great deal of respect for the Moore’s in the sheep business and we are thrilled with the group of purebred Hampshires we acquired to add to our existing flock.

All of our children have been members of the Foothills 4-H Sheep Club.  The kids work alongside us and enjoy raising sheep which is a big part of the reason that our farm invested in expanding the Hampshire flock.


Tony is a past Director with Alberta Lamb Producers and also a past chair and volunteer on the Calgary Stampede Sheep Committee. We believe the sheep industry has a great future ahead and we want to be involved in it.

Our flock is raised in a manner to provide quality lamb carcasses with the best feed conversion possible. We select only the top ewe lambs to keep as breeding ewes. In the same manner we select only the top growth and structured ram lambs to raise to be yearlings, and again select only the top of this group to offer to you at this sale.

We believe that as a terminal sire, the Hampshire breed characteristics will produce quality lamb carcasses for your buyers, and they will do it through great feed conversion in less time, which saves you money.