Andy & Frances Pittman

We started in the sheep business in 1986. After running a commercial flock for a few years we then decided to go into the purebred business. After Andy did some research we decided that Polled Dorsets would be the best fit for us. So in 1993 we started our purebred Dorset flock. We just really liked a lot of aspects of the Dorset breed, such as their excellent mothering abilities and their quiet temperament. The personality of the Dorsets really is a suitable breed for us to have here on our farm. In 2013, we also purchased a small group of purebred Suffolk ewes and now have a 25 head flock with British influence.

AFP F15-200


AFP F15-157
We live approximately 30 minutes north of Lethbridge. We both work off the farm, so it is very important that our sheep do not take up any extra time that is not necessary. We rely on our ewes to take care of their lambs, and any ewes that don’t fit these criteria are not kept by us or sold as breeding stock. The rams that we sell will also be selected for strong carcass characteristics as well as good rate of gain. 


We raised both of our daughters on the farm. We are huge supporters of 4-H Alberta. Our girls went through the 4-H program from start to finish, belonging to the Wild ‘n Wooly 4-H Sheep Club in the Lethbridge area. Both of our girls have since moved on but enjoy coming out to the farm to give a hand when one is needed. Our oldest daughter Liz lives in Victoria and works in the media industry. Our youngest daughter Sarah lives in Calgary and works as a policy analyst at Canada West Foundation. 

We are proud of the animals that we raise and we believe that they will do a good job! 


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